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WebCenter Certification Training in Singapore ...

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WebCenter certification training 101 & 201 (Singapore)

WCT 101: Succeeding with WebCenter:
The maWebCenters Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicatable system for building your UnFranchise as a WebCenter Owner.

4-part Appointment Setting Workshop & Goal Setting Workshop
The Product:
How does our product compare and benefit your customer
The Opportunity:
WebCenter goal setting and action plans
Simple Sales Approaches:
How to sell appointments
Using Your WebCenter:
Your WebCenter and You
Business Building:
Duplicating WebCenter in your organization

WCT 201: Advanced Selling & Networking

The maWebCenters 201 class is designed for WebCenter Owners who have taken the 101 course and are ready to take their business to the next level.

Goal Revision Workshop & Call Workshop
The Market Place:
Overcoming consumer confusion. Building value with clients
Goal Assessment:
Redefining goals, Organizational system
Lead generation, networking, confirming appointments, advanced selling
Using Your WebCenter:
Domains, marketing materials and more
Business Building:
Building Share of Customer, Mentoring an Intern, Conducting a 90-day fast track

101 Class Time: 3.5 hours  | Cost: $13 SGD (via zoom)
201 Class Time: 5 hours  | Cost: $13 SGD (via zoom)

** You must take the 101 class to register for the 201 class.

Download Materials:
**This is a class that can truly improve your sales and networking skills with WebCenter and with any University Major. It also features a call workshop so you can leave the class with booked appointments! 


Chwen Lim
Certified Webcenter Trainer of the year ( 2009, 2019, 2021);
Multiple Challenge Winners ;
Professional Coordinator; MUFO; SAMM;
Graphic/Web Designer;
Art Educator;
Art Consultant;
Local Coordinator (North California Bay Area)

Verna Tay
Certified Webcenter Trainer;
Multiple Challenge Winners (Webcenter, TLS, Motives, Chairman);
Professional Coordinator; MUFO; SAMM:
TLS Trainer;
Certified Web Developer; ACTA Certified Trainer
Ex-Marketing Director;
Founder-Vineyard Services

Class dates: 

WCT101- done in Nov 20, 2021

WCT201- January 08, 2022, 9:00am-2pm (Sg time) | January 7, 2021, 5pm-10pm( PST) | 8pm-1am (EST)

For those who have attended the class, here's the evaluation form: